The CellScope project got started as a semester project in an undergraduate optics class at UC Berkeley in 2006. Since then, we have benefited from the creative contributions and active involvement of a remarkable team of engineers, scientists, physicians, programmers, travel agents, and volunteers.


UC Berkeley

Current:  Matt Bakalar, Dr. Mike D’Ambrosio, Dr. Frankie Myers, Clay Reber, Arunan Skandarajah, Dr. Eva Schmid, Prof. Neil Switz, Kevin Yamauchi, Matt Adams, Elaine Yu, Malav Desai, Nicole Repina, Prof. Dan Fletcher

Alumni: Jeannette Chang, Dr. Erik Douglas, Dr. Wilbur Lam, Prof. Jitendra Malik, Chris Marcellino, Dr. Lina Nilsson, Amy Sheng, Dr. Asa Tapley


UCSF:  Dr. Adithya Cattamanchi, Dr. Luke Davis, Dr. Payam Nahid, Lelia Chaisson, Dr. Mara Broadhurst, Dr. Jeremy Keenan, Dr. Robi Maamari, Dr. Tyson Kim
Chiang Mai University:  Dr. Somsanguan Ausayakhun
Washington University St. Louis:  Dr. Todd Margolis
Hanoi Lung Hospital:  Dr. Ha Phan, Dr. Hoang Nguyen
Vietnam National Tuberculosis Programme:  Dr. Viet-Nhung Nguyen
University of Yoaundé I:  Dr. Joseph Kamgno
University of Montpellier:  Dr. Michel Boussinesq, Dr. Sébastien Pion
University of Toronto:  Dr. Isaac Bogoch
Siemens:  Dr. Lance Ladic, Dr. Manohar Kollegal, Dr. Praveen Gurpur
L’Oreal:  Dr. Guive Balooch, Dr. Rafal Pielak, Dr. Elizabeth Wu


Ohio State University:  Prof. Sally Miller
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project:  Dr. Steve Steinberg
Kahi Kai:  Dr. Eric Roettinger, Dr. Aldine Almiel, Dr. Anuschka Faucci


UCSF:  Dr. Oliver Hoeller
California Academy of Sciences:  Lindzy Bivings and the Rock Program
San Francisco Friends School:  Saber Khan
Deutsches Museum:  Dr. Johannes-Geert Hagmann
American Society of Cell Biology


The CellScope Team gratefully acknowledges the organizations below for their financial support, without which this project would have never graduated from class.