Journal articles

A Test-and-Not-Treat Strategy for Onchocerciasis in Loa loa–Endemic Areas
N Engl J Med (2017); 377:2044-2052
Kamgno J, Pion SD, Chesnais CB, Bakalar MH, D’Ambrosio MV, Mackenzie CD, Nana-Djeunga HC, Gounoue-Kamkumo R, Njitchouang GR, Nwane P, Tchatchueng-Mbouga JB, Wanji S, Stolk WA, Fletcher DA, Klion AD, Nutman TB, and Boussinesq M

Accuracy of Mobile Phone and Handheld Light Microscopy for the Diagnosis of Schistosomiasis and Intestinal Protozoa Infections in Côte d’Ivoire
PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 10(6), eCollection (2016)
Coulibaly JT, Ouattara M, D’Ambrosio MV, Fletcher DA, Keiser J, Utzinger J, N’Goran EK, Andrews JR, Bogoch II

Evaluation of mobile digital light-emitting diode fluorescence microscopy in Hanoi, Viet Nam
Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 19(9) 1068-72 (2015)
L.H Chaisson, C. Reber, H. Phan, N. Switz, L.M. Nilsson, F. Myers, N.V. Nhung, L. Luu, T. Pham, C. Vu, H. Nguyen, A. Nguyen, T. Dinh, P. Nahid , D.A. Fletcher, A. Cattamanchi

Point-of-care quantification of blood-borne filarial parasites with a mobile phone microscope
Sci Transl Med. 7(286) 286re4. (2015)
M.V. D’Ambrosio, M. Bakalar, S. Bennuru, C. Reber, A. Skandarajah, L. Nilsson, N. Switz, J. Kamgno, S. Pion, M. Boussinesq, T.B. Nutman, D.A. Fletcher

A lateral electrophoretic flow diagnostic assay
Lab Chip. 15, 1488-1496 (2015)
R. Lin, A. Skandarajah, R.E. Gerver, H.D. Neira, D.A. Fletcher, A.E. Herr

Novel telemedicine device for diagnosis of corneal abrasions and ulcers in resource-poor settings
JAMA Ophthalmol 132, 894–895 (2014)
R.N. Maamari, S. Ausayakhun, T.P. Margolis, D.A. Fletcher, J.D. Keenan

Low-cost mobile phone microscopy with a reversed mobile phone camera lens
PLOS ONE 9, e95330 (2014)
N.A. Switz, M.V. D’Ambrosio, D.A. Fletcher

Quantitative imaging with a mobile phone microscope
PLOS ONE 9, e96906 (2014)
A. Skandarajah, C.D. Reber, N.A. Switz, D.A. Fletcher

A mobile phone-based retinal camera for portable wide field imaging
Br J Ophthalmol 98, 438–441 (2014)
R.N. Maamari, J.D. Keenan, D.A. Fletcher, T.P. Margolis

 Mobile Digital Fluorescence Microscopy for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
J. Clin. Microbiol. 51, 1774–1778 (2013)
A. Tapley, N. Switz, C. Reber, J.L. Davis, C. Miller, J.B. Matovu, W. Worodria, L. Huang, D.A. Fletcher, A. Cattamanchi

Automated tuberculosis diagnosis using fluorescence images from a mobile microscope
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 15, 345-52 (2012)
J. Chang, P. Arbeláez, N. Switz, C. Reber, A. Tapley, J.L. Davis, A. Cattamanchi, D.A. Fletcher, J. Malik

Mobile phone based clinical microscopy for global health applications
PLOS ONE 4, e6320 (2009)
D.N. Breslauer, R.N. Maamari, N.A. Switz, W.A. Lam, D.A. Fletcher


Selected Press

Video: La Nuit du Vivant
Series of of 21 short films using CellScope to illustrate the beauty of decomposing.
December 2014

Video: BBC
BBC Horizons features CellScope in Episode 13: Medical Diagnostics and Delivery
November 2014

Video: USAID Global Development Lab
April 2014

Audio:  The Future of U.S. Foreign Aid 
Rajiv Shah of USAID talking about CellScope on The Nnamdi Kojo Show, part of WAMU 88.5, American University Radio.
(CellScope starts at 28:00). May 2013

Report: Mobile Microscopes: Turning cell phones into basic research tools can improve health care in the developing world.
The Scientist, By Jef Akst.  June 2013

Opinion: Why Your iPone Upgrade is Good for the Poor
Wall Street Journal, Prof. Daniel Fletcher. September 2013

Video: Mobile medicine on The Colbert Report
Otoscope from CellScope Inc. is featured on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. CellScope starts at 4:19). March  2013

Video: Education in New Orleans Public Schools
The American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) and CellScope donate Tablet-based Microscopes to public schools in New Orleans. December 2013

Video: Education at ASCB
The American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) interviews Dr. Eva Schmid on CellScope and education. December 2012

Video: SF Friends School demos 
The American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) interviews Dr. Eva Schmid, Middle school teacher Saber Khan and kids from the San Francisco Friends School on CellScope in classrooms. December 2012

Report: The CellScope: not just for James Bond anymore
HealthlineNews, by Megan McCrea. December 2012

Report: These Smartphones are actual ‘Cell’phones
Discovery News, by Jesse Emspak. December 2012

Report: CellScope, smartphone diagnostic startup, raises $1M
CellScope.Inc gets $1 Million in Venture Funds, mobihealthnews, by Brian Dolan. June 2012

Report: Medical photo sharing app could change the world 
SFGate. June 2011

Video: Nokia “Dot”  and Dot. The Making of.
Smallest Animation Video Uses CellScope Technology. August 2010

Video: Elementary education at the California Academy of Sciences
The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco interviews Dr. Eva Schmid, Dr. Oliver Hoeller and Middle school teacher Saber Khan on the use of CellScope for education. October 2011

Report: UC Berkeley researchers bring fluorescent imaging to mobile phones for low-cost screening in the field
Press Release, UC Berkeley News, by Sarah Yang. July 2009

Report: CellScope Wins Intel Inspire-Empower Challenge
Press Release, UC Berkeley, Bioengineering Department. April 2009

Report: Fletcher Funded by Microsoft to Develop CellScope
Press Release, UC Berkeley, Bioengineering Department. January 2008