The CellScope project got started as a semester project in an undergraduate optics class at UC Berkeley in 2006. Since then, we have benefited from the creative contributions and active involvement of a remarkable team of engineers, scientists, physicians, programmers, travel agents, and volunteers.


UC Berkeley

Current:  Matt Bakalar, Dr. Mike D’Ambrosio, Dan Friedman, Dr. Eva Schmid, Prof. Neil Switz, Kevin Yamauchi, Matt Adams, Elaine Yu, Malav Desai, Nicole Repina, Prof. Dan Fletcher

Alumni: Jeannette Chang, Dr. Erik Douglas, Dr. Wilbur Lam, Prof. Jitendra Malik, Chris Marcellino, Dr. Lina Nilsson, Amy Sheng, Dr. Asa Tapley, Dr. Frankie Myers, Clay Reber, Arunan Skandarajah


UCSF:  Dr. Adithya Cattamanchi, Dr. Luke Davis, Dr. Payam Nahid, Lelia Chaisson, Dr. Mara Broadhurst, Dr. Jeremy Keenan, Dr. Robi Maamari, Dr. Tyson Kim
Chiang Mai University:  Dr. Somsanguan Ausayakhun
Washington University St. Louis:  Dr. Todd Margolis
Hanoi Lung Hospital:  Dr. Ha Phan, Dr. Hoang Nguyen
Vietnam National Tuberculosis Programme:  Dr. Viet-Nhung Nguyen
University of Yoaundé I:  Dr. Joseph Kamgno
University of Montpellier:  Dr. Michel Boussinesq, Dr. Sébastien Pion
University of Toronto:  Dr. Isaac Bogoch
Siemens:  Dr. Lance Ladic, Dr. Manohar Kollegal, Dr. Praveen Gurpur
L’Oreal:  Dr. Guive Balooch, Dr. Rafal Pielak, Dr. Elizabeth Wu


Ohio State University:  Prof. Sally Miller
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project:  Dr. Steve Steinberg
Kahi Kai:  Dr. Eric Roettinger, Dr. Aldine Almiel, Dr. Anuschka Faucci


UCSF:  Dr. Oliver Hoeller
California Academy of Sciences:  Lindzy Bivings and the Rock Program
San Francisco Friends School:  Saber Khan
Deutsches Museum:  Dr. Johannes-Geert Hagmann
American Society of Cell Biology


The CellScope Team gratefully acknowledges the organizations below for their financial support, without which this project would have never graduated from class.