The growing capabilities and widespread use of mobile technologies are providing new opportunities for mobile data collection, particularly in low resource settings. We are developing new ways to use the camera of mobile phones and tablets to collect images for medical, scientific, and educational purposes.


We add optics, illumination, and hardware automation to the cameras of unmodified mobile phones and tablets to create mobile microscopes and diagnostic solutions. Current devices offer brightfield as well as fluorescence imaging and can achieve sub-micron spatial resolution, depending on the application.

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We develop custom software for our mobile microscopes to coordinate image collection, annotation, data management, web connection, and, for a growing number of applications, automated image analysis.

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Field Studies

Together with collaborators around the world, we are testing the use of mobile microscopy to solve real-world problems in places including Vietnam, India, Thailand, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, and Hawaii.

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Technology Transfer

We work with companies to transfer our mobile microscopy technology. An otoscope prototyped in our lab is the first product of the startup company CellScope, Inc., which is creating a digital home health kit.

CellScope, Inc.